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Huffington Post Canada: I’m Relieved We Paid Attention To Our Growing Baby’s Head Shape
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Why This Farmer’s Wife Agvocates
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What To Expect: Preparing Your Other Child To Be a Sibling
Genetic Literacy Project: I feed my kids meals with genetically modified foods and not organics—and that doesn’t make me a ‘bad mom’
Genetic Literacy Project: Does herbicide glyphosate make wheat ‘toxic’? Science, farmers say ‘no’
Vaccines Today: The Choice Not To Vaccinate Doesn’t Only Affect You
Malaysian Biotechnology Information Center:
What I’ve Learned About GMO’s (not available online yet)
Rockin’ Green Soap Blog: Not Taking Side in Food Choices
Snuggle Bugz:
5 Things You Might Not Know About Car Seat Safety


Calgary Herald: Defending wheat: Farmers fight back against gluten-free trend
Canola Digest: Desperately seeking understanding
The Western Producer: Mommy blogger aims to dispel myths, answer questions about farming
Pink Tractor: Amazing Woman in Ag: Sarah
Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos: Nurse Loves Farmer blogger Sarah Schultz has post on glyphosate go viral in 24 hours
Canada Safety Council: Farm Parents Weigh in on Kids and Quads
AdFarm: Nurse Loves Farmer: Myth-busting in Agriculture
Farm & Food Care Ontario: Blogger Spotlight: Sarah Schultz of Nurse Loves Farmer
Farm at Hand: Women in Ag Fireside Chat (audio)
Farm at Hand: Women in Ag Fireside Chat – Agvocacy (audio)
Farm at Hand: Women in Ag Fireside Chat – Opportunities in Agriculture (audio)
Alberta Wheat Commission: Life on the Farm with Jay and Sarah Schultz
Canola Eat Well: Food Day Canada With Farm Wife and Mom Sarah Schultz
Calgary Stampede International Agriculture: Passion for Farming
Country Guide: Six numbers in agriculture to make you stop and think
Country Guide: The farmers’ toughest marketing challenge
Canola Digest: Desperately seeking understanding (p.24)
RealAgriculture: Ag Edcation in the time of Mommy Bloggers
Lizventures: Answering a food blogger’s questions about farming
Farming Smarter: The Nurse That Loves Farming (p.8)

I have also been interviewed for CBC Radio One’s Eyeopener show with David Grey, AM 770 with Bruce Kenyon and 660 News with Doug Reynolds.

Craniosynostosis Advocacy and Awareness

The Drumheller Mail: Internet prognosis alters family to baby’s skull condition
Strathmore Times: Early detection of disease avoids invasive surgery
Strathmore Standard: Standard family shares their story during Craniofacial Awarness Month

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Snopes: The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic
Farm On: Agricultural Game Changers in the 21st Century
Flare Magazine: The Science Babe’s Guide to Real Health Advice Online
GMO Answers: Consumers Trust Bloggers or Brands, Psychology of GMOs and Viewing Risks through a Different Lens
Wetaskiwin Times: Social media a double-edged-sword when talking food
The Progressive Farmer: Aggie Moms Versus Celebrity Moms Over Biotech Food Labels
Food and Farming Canada: The ups and downs of sharing life on social media
Manitoba Co-Operator: More than 50 speakers at Manitoba Ag Days 2016 8 Calgary Moms to Follow on Instagram

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  • Carter’s OshKosh Canada
  • Frigidaire Canada
  • Medela Canada
  • Sears Canada
  • Phillips Avent
  • Sodastream Canada
  • LEGO Duplo
  • General Mills Life Made Delicious
  • Old El Paso Canada
  • Kobo Canada
  • The Keg Steakhouse
  • FuijFilm


I have had the honour of speaking at conferences/meetings/events about my journey advocating for agriculture. I have presented at the Canada Beef employee conference in Banff, AB on “The Influence of the Mommy Blogger and Why I Agvocate” and I spoke at the Alberta Seed Grower’s Association’s annual general meeting and banquet in Edmonton January 2015 on the same topic, and the Farm & Food Care Ontario conference in March 2015 on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Social Media in Ag“.

I spoke on a panel at Farm Forum in Saskatoon 2015 about GMO communication with an organic farmer and a vegan, and at the Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan Conference in December 2015 on my presentation “Don’t Let the Activists Drive Your Combine“, which I also shared at Manitoba Ag Days, at the Ag Service Board Meeting in Edmonton. I was honoured to speak again at the Alberta Seed Growers’ banquet/AGM in January 2016 on “A Year in the Life of Advocating for Agriculture“.

Carrie Mess, Sarah Schultz & Andrew Campbell panel at Farm Food Care Ontario Conference 2015.

I have decided not to continue with any speaking engagements, other than panel events. Thanks for your interest and understanding, if I am a good fit for your panel, please let me know!

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I'm a nurse who married a farmer and I'm a boy mom of 3 to Braden, Ethan and Jonathan. I love blogging about family life, agriculture, recipes and embracing my role as farm wife and mom. I'm knee-deep in tractors, trains and trucks and I'm often seen with my camera in my hands catching life's moments.

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