The name for this blog was an easy one to decide. I was in my last year of nursing at university and I fell in love with a farmer who was studying crop sciences for his degree in agriculture. I have grown such a passion for farm life and agriculture that I never would have had otherwise. I love learning, reading, educating myself, and meeting the awesome people that I have in this agriculture world. To make navigating through my farming posts easier, I’ve categorized them. Please feel free to ask any questions.
Wheat Harvest

Biotechnology in Agriculture

What I’ve Learned About GMOs – This is where I started my journey learning about GMO’s
GMO Labeling: Why or Why Not?  – My thoughts on the subject
First World Problem: GMOs in Tampons – Yes, activists are this silly
Arctic Apples: The Non-Browning Apples – GMO apple made here in Canada
I Don’t Feed My Kids Organic Foods and That Doesn’t Make ma a ‘Bad Mom‘ – A guest post on The Genetic Literacy Project, don’t feel guilty about feeding your kids nutritious food
Can You Live a GMO-Free Life? – So many activists want GMOs out of agriculture…but not the rest of their lives
What Do GMO Corn and Quinoa Have in Common? – You’ll have to read to find out!

Marketing in Agriculture

Dear Starbucks: Please Don’t Cave to #OrganicMilkNext – My thoughts on the organic activist campaign for Starbucks to go organic-only
Are Vegetarian Chicken Eggs Healthier?
– Addressing another A&W campaign promoting vegetarian eggs free of animal by-products
Fear-Marketing: My Beef With A&W
– To this day I have not eaten at A&W since this campaign and here’s why
I Asked COBS Bread to Change their GMO-Free Advertising…And They Will – Good things can happen when you ask!

Blogging About Agriculture

Why I Agvocate – Where it began and why I agvocate
I Am NOT a GMO Shill – Seriously, I’m not.
That Time an Anti-GMO Activist Threatened My Career – My nursing license was threatened by an anti-GMO activists’ unfounded fears
When Agvocating Almost Made Me Sick – Too much negativity all at once left me panicky and nauseous
The Wheat Bully – The author of “Wheat Belly” calls me out on his Facebook page
When Something Has to Give – I give a lot to blogging and social media, sometimes something has to give
Farming Wars are Not Unlike Mommy Wars – Even if you don’t like each other, just respect each other enough to get along
That Time I Volunteered at the GMO Answers Booth at SXSW – It was awesome to connect with consumers face-to-face!
Do I Get Paid to Advocate for Agriculture? – A question I get asked often, a theory many activists have

Family Farming 

Meal at the Field
Harvest ’14: Complicated
7 Things I Love About Being a Farm Wife
My Struggles as a Farm Wife
Farming Family Winter Vacation
I Forgot To Blog About Harvest – 2013
October Harvest Pictures
A Grain Elevator Upcycled in Our House
Harvest is Almost Done – Harvest 2012
The Start of Harvest 2012
Farm Boy Update
Seeding 2012
Braden’s First Farm Show
Seeding Starts – 2011
Harvest Time – 2011
Harvest is Finally Done – 2010
Braden’s First Harvest 2010
Airplane Spraying
How To Piss Off a Farmer

Other Agriculture-Related Posts

Organic vs. Non-Organic Food: A Professional Mama’s View – Editor of
Organic vs. Non-Organic Food: A Farmer’s View – My husband weighs in on the issue
Conventional and Organic Agriculture Myths – So many people buy organic based on myths, let’s set the record straight
Is Coconut Oil Good For You? – Is it a fad, or is it actually healthy?
Perspective on the “Dirty Dozen” – Nothin’ dirty about it other than the shoddy science used to make this list
Why Do Hog Farmers Use Farrowing Crates? – There are many good reasons why
The Benefits of Healthy Grains in Your Diet When So Many Are Going Gluten Free   Mmmm….gluten.
We are Lucky to Have the CHOICE in What Food We Buy – Can’t we all get along? You buy what you want, I’ll buy what I want—respect it.
Farming Requires Faith Like a Mustard Seed – We can plan all we want, but how our crop grows isn’t up to us
How Much Glyphosate Do We Spray on Our Crops? – We don’t “douse” our crops, that’s a complete myth; how much we spray on our canola
What Snow in September Means for Farmers – 8″ of snow on our harvest ’14 crops
The Skinny on Modern Wheat – Has wheat changed that much from the heritage varieties, for better or worse?
The Truth about Glyphosate and Wheat – No, your wheat is not “toxic”, and yes we spray it with glyphosate pre-harvest
Food Babe’s Fear-mongering Tries to Crush Canola – Please don’t listen to her, ever…about anything. Trust farmers & science!
Eat More Fruits & Veggies, There’s Nothing “Dirty” About Them! – Just eat more, wash your produce, no need to worry about pesticide residues.
Dr. Oz Called Me on my Birthday – Talking about glyphosate on national television on my 32nd birthday?
14 Signs You’re a Farmer in a Drought
The Hail Cometh and Taketh Away – The challenges of this growing season
Should Canadians Worry About Hormones in Milk? – Even if American milk was allowed into Canada, do we have to worry about hormones? Facts & evidence only, not an opinion piece
The Potential Impact of Bill 6 on Our Family Farm
9 Things This Farm Wife Wants You to Know About Food – I don’t want people to fear food and farming, I want them to know this!

Farm Tours

Dairy Tour
Sheep Farm Tour
T&Y Strawberry Farm
New Hope Dairy

Features on Other Websites

Defending wheat: Farmers fight back against gluten-free trend – An interview I did with the Calgary Herald
From bushel to bread: How Canada’s wheat feeds the world
 – The Globe & Mail reports on our wheat in the first installment of this series
From bushel to bread: Waiting for the wheat – The 2nd part of the series in The Globe & Mail
From bushel to bread: Harvest will come early this year – The 3rd part of the series in The Globe & Mail
Alberta’s wheat crop from seed to harvest – Another The Globe & Mail Article
Grain farmers churn through ‘double-hit’ of lower prices, smaller crops – The Globe & Mail
Young mothers prove powerful force in food safety debate – I co-authored an article on The Western Producer

Farming Videos

Growing Season 2015
Wheat Time Lapse 2014
Growing Season 2014
Growing Season 2013
Growing Season 2012

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I'm a nurse who married a farmer and I'm a boy mom of 3 to Braden, Ethan and Jonathan. I love blogging about family life, farming, recipes and embracing my role as farm wife and mom. I'm knee-deep in tractors, trains and trucks and I'm often seen with my camera in my hands catching life's moments.

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