Cake Pops
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The answer for solving the problem of kids only eating the icing off of the cake! These delectable little treats will be a hit with the kids.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 36
  • 1 box of cake mix (+ water or milk, oil, and eggs to make)
  • 1 can of frosting; or make your own
  • lollipop sticks
  • chocolate melting wafers
  • sprinkles, sugar - anything you want for decorating
  1. Bake cake in 9x13 pan according to instructions on box.
  2. Cool completely and break into pieces in stand-mixer bowl.
  3. Add ½ to ⅓ cup of frosting into bowl and mix together. (Can alternately mix by hand).
  4. Add more frosting if necessary, you want a clay-like consistency.
  5. Form little balls ~1¼" wide (if they're too big they will fall off the sticks) and set them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  6. Melt some chocolate wafers (just a small amount for now) in the microwave at 30 second intervals, mixing in between, until melted.
  7. Dip ½" of a lollipop into the melted chocolate and insert approximately ½ way through the cake ball.
  8. Once all cake balls have sticks in them, chill in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.
  9. Now melt the rest of your chocolate in a tall, deep microwave-safe bowl or a glass cup, using the same technique as before.
  10. Once chocolate is melted and a nice, runny consistency, take cake balls out of freezer and dip ball into chocolate.
  11. DO NOT STIR OR SWIRL or ball will fall off stick.
  12. Coat as evenly as possible, remove from bowl and hold stick in your non-dominant hand over bowl of chocolate and use your dominant hand to tap your other hand which gets rid of the excess chocolate from the cake pop.
  13. Now is the time to add decorations (sprinkles, colored sugar, etc.) to the cake pop before the chocolate hardens.
  14. Stick cake pop into thick styrofoam, floral foam, or cake pop stand to set.
  15. Repeat until finished.
  16. I freeze my cake pops if making ahead of time.
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