Ideas for Documenting Pregnancy

Sometimes if I didn’t have a photo, I wouldn’t remember what happened. I’m a big proponent for documenting anything and everything in our lives, it’s why I take a photo every single day for project 365 so I have a little memory of every day of the year. I never, ever regret taking photos, and to document such a life’s milestone as growing a human is no exception!

There are so many neat ways to document your growing belly and I’ve done something a little different for all three of my pregnancies. For my first I had my husband take awfully over-exposed flash photos…but it’s the memories that count! I wore the same shirt every week and I think my hair changed as much as my belly did!

The Evolution of The Bump!

By the second pregnancy, my husband thought it was kind of silly to take belly photos and document in such a way and he constantly rolled his eyes when I asked for his help…so I set up my tripod, bought a remote and did my own photos! No shame! I was inspired by Pinterest to document Ethan’s pregnancy in “numbers”. I did a photo every 4 weeks with this theme and started every stat/fact with a number. I love how Monthly documentation of pregnancy progression using numbers as facts/statistics.For my third and final pregnancy, I wanted to wear a different outfit each time, with the same pose and same fonts used for consistency and I love how it turned out!

You'll never regret documenting your pregnancy. Take a photo a week, every other week, or as often as you'd like!

Ladies, document your pregnancies, you won’t regret it! Even do it just using your iPhone, it’s really easy to take a weekly iPhone photo and there’s so many neat apps to dress up your photos too, I used the Baby Story App for these photos.

Weekly belly photos taken with iPhone and edited using "Baby Story" app.

I hope you’re inspired to document your precious growing belly!


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