Catch the Moment – Week 16

Some days I take just one photo…and it might not be the best but it’s the only one I’ve got to work with. Am I the only one that does this?

Day 106 | 365 2014

I love that it is getting SO much easier to take Ethan out and about now. He actually looks forward to car rides! I took the boys to get Easter groceries on Thursday after Ethan’s nap…and Walmart was a ZOO, but we survived!

Day 107 | 365 2014

Spring wasn’t coming on it’s own, so I brought a slice of spring into my home. Gorgeous tulips for just $12, one of my favorite flowers!

Day 108 | 365 2014

The weather finally started to turn on Saturday and it was even nice enough for the first popsicle of the the year!

Day 109 | 365 2014

I’ve found this year more than ever I’ve been really put off by the commercialization of Christ’s death and resurrection. On my social media feeds I saw Easter baskets full of gifts that would rival all my kid’s gifts at Christmas! I did a little Easter egg hunt with the boys and got them Easter baskets with Bible story books and a few treats…but they also know that it is from me and Daddy and not a “bunny”. Anyway, enough of my little rant on my soapbox, here is a funny picture of Ethan, and obviously the dog, on our little hunt!

Day 110 |  365 2014

Monday April 21 was the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. I wrote about it here and this day turned out to be way harder than I imagined and the day just got worse and worse. I hope that next year will be better. This is a crabapple tree that we planted in his memory last year. Still waiting for buds!

Day 111 | 365 2014

Oh these boys bring me so much joy when it feels like there’s no joy to be found. Ethan sure likes his new little chariot! Mom got him this pedal tractor with a wagon for his birthday last fall and the big kids loved giving him rides!

Day 112 | 365 2014
As always I hope you’ll join our group and link up with us! We have this link up every Friday and it’s never ever to late to start your own project 365!

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I'm a nurse who married a farmer and I'm mom to Braden and Ethan. I love blogging about family life, agriculture, recipes and embracing my role as farm wife and mom. I'm knee-deep in tractors, trains and trucks and I'm often seen with my camera in my hands catching life's moments. Thanks for reading!

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  1. pinkbears says

    We've been working on minimalizing our lives also – not insanely, my husband likes his 'stuff', but it's a bit sickening. I used the Grandparents need to spoil, however, to let them know what some of the girls' 'needs' were – Audrey needed a spring jacket, Clara needed new t-shirts and both of them needed tights for the dresses they now must wear every day (says Clara). So, less that I needed to pick up! :)
    Unfortunately the death of our God was a minor footnote in our weekend, although Clara made me tell the story of Jesus dying over and over and over and over… it gives you a bit of perspective on how well you know a story when you have to repeat it like that. :p It's also interesting that a child could be so gripped by a story like that.
    My recent post Catch the Moment – What Week Are We On?

    • says

      I really enjoyed Easter this year as Braden knows that it's about the cross. He did get the bunny story from playschool, which is fine…I just told him the bunny doesn't come to our house but Mommy and Daddy will always get him some treats and new Bible books.

  2. says

    For your first question – yes. There are definitely days when I take one picture and think "there! done! now I don't have to think about it again today." And some of those days I do pick up the camera again, some days I don't.
    Regarding your father's death- I'm so sorry and while I don't know your personal journey, I can share with you something that might (or might not) be comforting – for me, the first year of "firsts" was the hardest. It's still hard…every July 23rd hurts. This year it will be 7 years. But it doesn't feel like the first year anymore. A "new normal" is what a friend explained to me when my dad first died. I hope things get a little less painful going forward. HUGS!
    Easter – I am not religious but I have to agree with you that was once an "easter basker" has gotten out of control. Kids getting bikes and video game consoles…for EASTER? Crazy.
    My recent post catch the moment 365: week sixteen

    • says

      I didn't even find the first year of first hard….we had such a rocky relationship the last year and a half of his life that I felt like THAT was our first year of firsts that he wasn't around. I have such a bad memory of my last Father's Day with him because he had been drinking when we went on a Father's Day walk/run with him and I was so upset with him for that. I just hope over time the anniversary of his death gets easier which I'm sure it will. Thanks so much for the nice comment!

  3. maidenmet says

    I have so many conflicting feelings about Easter. We have another year before we have to make a decision, but we aren't Christian, and it can be really hard to make choices for our kids for holidays. We aren't Christian, or religious at all, we do celebrate some Christian holidays in a secular/consumerist way, but it is one of our family values to minimize, or attempt to minimize our children's focus on materialism. So we do holidays, we do gifts, but we do them small. We haven't had to really explain the religious significance of holidays yet, but I know it's coming. I have a hard time reconciling wanting my children to celebrate and experience holidays with feelings of hypocrisy that we don't have a faith-based motivation for doing so.

    Sheesh. That was… a bit longer than I intended when I put fingers to keys.

    My recent post 265 Fridays- Week 16

    • says

      I think a lot of non-religious people still use Christian holidays to celebrate family. It's really not for me to judge (though clearly I had a little soapbox rant!), just not for me to spoil my kids with gifts for the reasons we celebrate Easter, which for us is not about material items. Never apologize for a comment, I always enjoy your thoughts!

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