Never Lose Your Lids Again!

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids

At least 2 or 3 times a year I empty and rearrange my food storage container cabinet trying to find a good solution. Containers with no lids and lids with no containers are among two of my biggest annoyances when dealing with reusable food storage containers. I was extremely excited when Rubbermaid sent me their […]

Catch the Moment Week 50

Catch the Moment Week 50

Oh boy. The year is almost over! Ethan spent an hour playing with my dozens of Chipits bags. Chipits in everyone’s stockings. You can make a gingerbread trifle if you like! If Braden didn’t ask me “where is Buddy?” I wouldn’t have bothered this year. At least it’s only for 2 weeks! A. DOR. A. […]

Grandma’s Shortbread Cookies

Grandma's Shortbread Cookies

I’m sure everyone has a shortbread recipe and that there’s thousands of blog posts about shortbread cookies, but I finally nailed my grandma’s shortbread and I was so happy I had to blog about it and share this great recipe. You will need: 1 lb (2 cups) butter ½ cup corn starch 1 cup icing […]

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sometimes I get the great opportunity of having my recipes sponsored. This is one of them and this post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias This holiday season I’ve felt really inspired to try some new recipes! I’ve had this peppermint chocolate chip cookie creation […]

Talking About Heaven With Braden


It’s been almost 20 months since my dad died, and on December 11 it would have been his 57th birthday. Braden must have heard me talking about my Dad’s birthday because yesterday, we had the following conversation, and I had to write it down right away so I wouldn’t forget it. I’m so proud of […]

Catch the Moment Week 49

Catch the Moment Week 49

Wow! Only 3 weeks left to post! Continuing on from last week in Ottawa, even though I’d never been I KNEW I had to have a BeaverTail! Fried dough with a variety of toppings. I chose maple butter and it was soooooooo good! Our last day in Ottawa we had a bit of free time […]

Surprise Spread (Seafood Spread)

Surprise Spread

I remember relishing over this holiday appetizer every year, even as a kid. My mom or one of the neighbours used to make this every year and I just LOVED it and I’m honoured to share it with you this year. We call this surprise spread, and I think the “surprise” is that it has […]

10 Things I’ve Learned About Advocating for Agriculture

10 Things I've Learned About Advocating for Agriculture

I recently had the honour and privilege of being invited to attend GrowCanada 2014 Conference in Ottawa, Ontario with my farmer. This is CropLife Canada‘s annual conference that hosted over 500 delegates from various sectors in agriculture. Everyone from farmers to bloggers like me to the CEOs and presidents of major agriculture companies and lots […]

Catch the Moment Week 48

Catch the Moment Week 48

I’m going to be late finishing this post because Jay and I have been in Ottaway all week! But, for now, here are the pictures I have edited for this week! I had an idea for a selfie and it actually kinda turned out! Me in a Christmas ornament! Thumb-sucking little sweetie with eyelashes for […]

Gingerbread Trifle


When 20 bags of delicious Hershey’s Chipits products arrive at the post office for you…the possibilities seem endless! I loved the chocolate Skor trifle I made for harvest this small, so I wanted to try my hand at another trifle with Chipits Skor Bits with some holiday flavour. I decided to do a gingerbread trifle […]