Saskatoon Berry Pie

Saskatoon Berry Pie

It was overcast with sunny breaks in between rain showers on Sunday (this is Alberta after all!) so I decided to take Braden Saskatoon berry picking. These Saskatoons literally have 0 food miles as they’re a just a short walk across our acreage to go pick them. They grow along the fence line that you [...]

Catch the Moment – Week 29

Catch the Moment Week 29

If you read my blog regularly you’ve already seen this photo from Ethan’s 21 month update, but sometimes I get lazy and just reuse pictures, okay! It’s been far too long since you’ve seen this little beauty’s face! She’s 3.5 months old, what a sweetie! Ethan often gets very offended when Daddy leaves in the [...]

Celebrate Photography Giveaway! >$650 in Prizes!

celebrate photography giveaway (1)

Remember I promised you guys a huge giveaway to celebrate our halfway milestone of this Catch the Moment 365 project? I’m here to deliver! Me, Stephanie, Mindi and our friend and member of our group Alisha have teamed together to one lucky winner a grand prize “Celebrate Photography” giveaway package worth over $650! We also [...]

Grandma’s Perfect Pie Crust

Grandma's Perfect Pie Crust

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m so blessed to have had baking lessons from both of my grandmas and I’m happy to pass these recipes onto my own kids, their future spouses if they so desire and to you too! My grandmas both made the BEST apple pies. Their recipes are [...]

My First Face-to-Face Convo With an Anti-GMO Person


I had done all my agvocating about GMOs and the like behind a computer screen until very recently at the Calgary Stampede. I was sitting at the Alberta Wheat Commission booth with my farmer the last Thursday of the Calgary Stampede because he is an AWC rep and always does a shift at their booth [...]

Catch the Moment – Week 28

Catch the Moment Week 28

Pictures at dusk are just awesome! The warm, soft light and I forgot how much I love my 50mm f/1.8 lens that I haven’t taken off since I put it on to go to Stampede! There’s a bee on my pea! This is another photo that I waited too long to take. Jay and I [...]

Ethan is 21 Months Old!

21 Monthsblog

Three more months until another birthday. Unreal, yet we come to realize that the whole “cliché” of time flying, really isn’t so much of a cliché after all. Clothing Ethan is a big boy. He is by far bigger than Braden was at 2 and he’s been bigger for a few months 2T (no more 24 [...]

Calgary Stampede 2014

Calgary Stampede 2014

I truly love that we live so close to the city of Calgary. I’m an Edmonton girl, born and raised right outside of the city in a small town, and that  city will always be near and dear to my heart. Growing up there we have a very outspoken rivalry against Calgary, but I’m starting to [...]

Making The Most of Summer

Making the Most of Summer

I often ask myself why we live in a part of the world where we only have about 3 (4 months if we’re lucky) of spring/summer weather. Most of June, July, and August are our summer months here in Alberta, lately September has provided summer-like weather, but as soon as October hits it’s guaranteed as [...]

Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Drumsticks

Pretzel-Crusted Drumsticks

I had some chicken drumsticks and bone-in chicken thighs thawed for supper and I was going to marinate them and throw them on the grill. Then I remembered we were out of propane and that I’d have to figure out a new recipe for supper using my oven. This same week we already had my Buffalo [...]