Hockey and Good Deeds Go Hand in Stick

At the beginning of the hockey season, I posted a photo of the boys skating at the arena and captioned it: "We've moved! Our home away from home for the next 6 months!".┬áIt sure feels like it's true because we are at arenas up to 5 days a week with power skating, skating lessons, hockey practices … Continue reading

I Won’t Let My Anxiety Consume Me

I have so much going on in my life that I've wanted to share with you. So many recipes I want to write up, and even start making videos for. I still need to finish blogging about our trip to San Francisco, but I have half finished posts sitting in my drafts pile for weeks and weeks that I can't get … Continue reading

5 Signs a Messy Toddler Lives Here

When I've shared photos this past year of the "you know you live with a toddler when..." variety, people frequently comment how lucky I am that our first two toddlers weren't as destructive and messy as Jonathan is! Third time's a charm, perhaps? I can't believe how many times we catch him … Continue reading

Jonathan is 20 Months Old!

Truth be told, I can totally believe Jonathan is 20 months old...he already seems like he's 2 years old because of his size and his language skills. I don't have an official weight on him but he's gotta be well over 30 lbs and he's so tall he can see over our kitchen table now and can reach even … Continue reading

Large Batch Cinnamon Rolls, Made to Share

I am so happy to be hosting my family for Christmas this year. Not only is there no travelling for my own family, but there will be lots and lots of Christmas cooking and baking in my future. I absolutely love hosting people, and one of the ways I show my love the most is through the food I bake … Continue reading