Our Trip to The Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

After a delay on our first planned trip this summer to the Calgary Zoo as part of our Momblr tour, we made it! We went after the snow that fell the week before had all melted, we went on a Monday morning when the sun was out, it was gorgeous and it felt like we were […]

Delicious Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I am really not much of a sandwich person, but I will never turn down the “salad” sandwiches. I was looking through many different chicken salad sandwiches recipes and picked a bit of this and a bit of that and came up with this delicious chicken salad sandwich recipe. It’s simple, it’s crunchy with the […]

Catch the Moment Week 37

Catch the Moment Week 37

Let’s call this week “attack of the grainy photos”! Sad thing is, I love all these photos, and I guess you could say the grain (lack of clarity) adds a certain charm, but it’s just me with a combination of poor lighting, poor manual settings and not bringing my Speedlite traveling (because, really that’s not […]

Ethan is 23 Months Old!

23 Months Blog

Last update before he’s two! He has changed SO much since last month! Clothes He’s had a huge growth spurt I weighed him at the end of August and he was just shy of 30 lbs and I know he’s gained since then! Wears almost all 3T shirts and jammies now, except one-piece Carter’s fleece […]

Outside-Stuffed Chicken


I don’t cook whole chicken breasts often because I find them to be very hard to cook. They are big, easy to under cook and yet easy to over cook…which is why I usually cut them up to cook them in wraps or I boil them and shred them for my quesadillas. Anyway, I came across […]

Catch the Moment Week 36

Catch the Moment Week 36

Unfortunately when the weather is miserable during harvest, I typically end up being a bit happy on the inside because it allows me to be with my husband as a family, spend some alone time with him catching up on shows, or heading off to Target by myself. Jay actually sent me there…all his idea! […]

What Snow in September Means for Farmers

Snowy Wheat

It’s not unheard of to have snowfall in September in Alberta, but it is very rare. The last time it snowed in September was 10 years ago to the day, but that was only in Edmonton and it was about 2″ over 2 days. It was about 25ºC (that’s 77ºF for my American friends) on […]

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I was walking through the produce section last week and saw some beautiful bundles of asparagus. I didn’t grow up eating asparagus, but it was one of those things I randomly decided to try at a restaurant one time and I’ve loved it ever since. But? The farmer isn’t particularly a fan so I don’t […]

Pre-Harvest Thoughts

Pre-Harvest Thoughts

Technically speaking we have finished our first-ever yellow pea harvest, which only accumulated 5% of our total 6000 acres, and we have been harvesting canola on the (what seems like) few good weather days we’ve had, but really it still feels like “pre-harvest”. I think the feeling is mutual around the farm that “this is […]

Catch the Moment – Week 35

Catch the Moment Week 35

Oh my little sweetie Clara! Almost 5 months old in this picture and with harvest we’ll be seeing a lot of each other—yay! Not the best picture of your cute little smile, but auntie was too lazy to get her Speedlite on, so black and white it is! Just some brothers playing in the kitchen […]