Wheat Time Lapse

For the last couple of years my farmer husband has been very passionate about filming our family’s life on the farm and our growing seasons. This year he borrowed a trail camera, typically used by hunters, to record one of our fields of wheat in a time lapse. This our 115 day growing season condensed […]

Ethan’s Curious George Birthday Party

Curious George Birthday Party Banner

It was an absolute no-brainer that the theme for Ethan’s 2nd birthday was going to be a Curious George birthday party. He loves that little monkey so very much and I had some really fun ideas that I wanted to incorporate into this Curious George birthday party! Decorations My extremely talented friend Shannon made Ethan’s birthday […]

Notes For the Babysitter Free Printable

Notes For the Babysitter (1)

We love our babysitter and ever since she started babysitting for us at the beginning of the year it’s given us a freedom that you just don’t have with family babysitters. Our babysitter has graduated high school and has a job of her own, so she’s not as free anymore. I know there’s some girls […]

Catch the Moment Week 42

Catch the Moment Week 42

Wow, what a week week 42 was! We’re almost in the 300’s and I’m still going strong taking my photos every day. I wish some days I would take more to have a bigger selection, but admittedly sometimes just snap one because I “have to”. I did a photoshoot for Ethan’s Curious George 2nd birthday […]

A Farm Wife Walks Into a Conference of Foodies…


I had the pleasure of attending the Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC) Conference this past weekend in Vancouver, thanks to the Manitoba Canola Growers (MCG). Being the introvert that I’ve turned into over the last decade, I was nervous to go to my very first conference, but my excitement outweighed my nerves. I would also be […]

Birthday Cake Pancakes


What kid (or adult for that matter!) wouldn’t want to wake up on their birthday  to eat birthday cake for breakfast? Earlier this year I made Braden birthday cake pancakes for his birthday and I decided to try my own recipe this year for Ethan’s birthday breakfast. All I did was tweak my buttermilk pancake recipe to […]

When Agvocating Almost Made Me Sick

When Agvocating Almost Made Me Sick

I had a major week of milestones last week. I was interviewed for part of an article that I know appeared in the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal and Regina Leader-Post (that I’ve heard of). That lead to an interview on CBC Radio One’s Eyeopener show with David Gray and another radio interview on 770 AM with […]

Davison Orchards Pure Apple Juice


Have you ever tasted REAL Apple Juice? The kind that shockingly tastes just like..well, apples! It is so different than the store bought taste that people often ask us, what is the secret to your great tasting apple juice? We give all kinds of answers about the geography of the area, and the fact that […]

Catch the Moment Week 41

Catch the Moment Week 41

Just one day to be a cat. That’s all I’m asking. My old man cat Miles. Little Clara darling on the very last day of harvest. She’s so quiet when she’s in her exersaucer, you don’t even remember she’s there! We made it to mom’s to celebrate Thanksgiving and Ethan was THRILLED with all his […]

Ethan is 2 Years Old!

2 Years

At exactly the time this blog post is published at 10:16 AM, 2 years ago your were born! On 10/16 at 10:16 we found out for the 2nd time “it’s a boy!” and we’ve been head over heels ever since! This is the last monthly update! For both my kids I have done monthly updates […]