Ethan is 18 Months Old!


A year and a half. Tomorrow he’ll be closer to two than he is to one. Wow. This month he had a major transition from “baby” to “toddler”, we feel! I have been SO busy and I’m hosting Easter this weekend, so next week after a fresh hair cut, I will take Ethan’s 18 month [...]

Why Do Hog Farmers Use Farrowing Crates?

Why Do Hog Farmers Use Farrowing Crates

I had such an amazing time being the small part that I was for Aggie Days this year. I have grown such a passion for agriculture and agriculture education the last year, and I’m so grateful to have this blog as an outlet to write about it and connect with so many different people! Aggie [...]

Parenting a 4 Year Old: Learning To Be Gracious

I cannot hold it in any longer: I’m having really trying times with Braden right now, and the more I talk about it with other parents, I’m thinking it’s more the challenges that the age of 4 brings, rather than Braden himself. I find it really hard to cope with his constant need to talk. [...]

Catch the Moment – Week 14

Catch the Moment Week 14

Can you believe yesterday was the 100th day of the year?! Mindi set out a self-portrait challenge on day 100 I had the most wonderful birthday in Banff! I guess my birthday (April 2) falls on day 92! We went out for steak supper at Melissa’s Missteak in Banff, it was great! I presented and [...]

From Trains to Transformers, My Little Boy is Growing Up

Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee

It just seems like yesterday that my little toddler Braden was in his first “Thomas trance” and admiring that little blue tank engine on the TV saying “Toe Toe!!”. We’re now reliving those moments as Ethan is starting to like Thomas, but Braden is starting to enjoy more of the preschool shows and is moving [...]

SodaStream Review: Can Sparkling Beverages Be Healthier? (+ SodaStream Giveaway!)

Can Soda Pop Be Healthier

My family isn’t big pop/soda drinkers. It’s a lot of extra sugar and calories that we just don’t need. My kids have always loved drinking just water and milk, so I leave it at that. Braden only started drinking juice as a treat after he turned 2, and we still keep it this way and [...]

Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza Dough

I love making breads and dough. My husband, yet again, insisted that I must have his mom’s pizza dough recipe. This recipe came from his Grandma Graham but where she got it from, we’re not sure! Wherever it’s from, it’s awesome, easy, and anyone can make it…so I have to share it! Ingredients: Yeast Sugar [...]

Catch the Moment – Week 13

Catch the Moment Week 13

What a BUSY week, you guys! So exciting, so many new opportunities, so much stress…but it’s all part of the plan, right? It was an absolute honor to co-author an article with the lovely Cami Ryan and to be published in print, in The Western Producer. This is a 90 year old newspaper and my [...]

Win a VIP Tour at Aggie Days or Free Parking to Attend

Aggie Days Giveaway

As many of you know I’ve been happily volunteering my time with the Aggie Days social media team this year. I will also be attending Aggie Days for their Family Fun Days with Braden and Jay. Braden is SO excited to go to a “kid’s farm show” as I’ve described it to him. There’s so [...]

A Monday Pick-Me-Up

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of eCards from American Greetings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We live in a digital world where we expect instant responses via text message and immediate answers to our questions on social media outlets like Twitter. We want to communicate fast and we [...]